August, 2013

With all the disappointment that the “Arab Spring” has become, with its move to be more totalitarian rather than democratic, one particularly distasteful result is the unrelenting persecution of Christians in the Muslim world.

Islam, although touted as a religion of peace by former President Bush and given leeway on so many questionable issues by the Obama administration, is systematically cleansing itself of Christianity in its midst.

Last year Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, said that “Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.”

In July of 2011 President Sarkozy of France declared that Christian minorities in the Middle East are becoming victims of “religious cleansing.”

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg “called the persecution of Christians in the Middle East “one of the most undercovered stories in international news.”

Unlike Israel which can protect its people because the Jews have their own state and can provide the needed resources to survive in the face of this hatred, Christians who live inside Islam are not so lucky. Most reading this have probably forgotten that the other state created by the United Nations in 1948 along with Israel, was Lebanon. In the same way Israel was set up for Jews, Lebanon was carved out of the Syrian mandate for Christians. Of course, today Lebanon is ruled by one of the largest perpetrators of Christian persecution, Hezbollah.

It’s time we move on Lebanon according to international law and clear out the putrid invasion of Hezbollah existence in that country. Return it to the Christians as it was meant to be and provide it with the resources as we have provided Israel and give these people a chance to live in freedom to  worship the way they want.


Jewish community examiner

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