Capetown is not Jerusalem

…and Israel is not Apartheid.

Jew haters, anti Zionists, Marxists, Islamists, and all those who have a problem with liberated Jews governing themselves within a free Jewish government in an independent Jewish State, often use the term,” Apartheid,” as one epithet of many  to describe their distaste for that Jewish expression of freedom.

But is this really Apartheid? Is there some connection or similarity between the now defunct Apartheid State of South Africa and the modern State of Israel? The simple answer is “no” there isn’t.

Only if you skew history, selectively take only certain events and situations from it, much like Muslim and Western Marxist historians have in describing Israel’s history could you define the Jewish State as Apartheid.

But, that would be dishonest. (smiling)

Apartheid, in South Africa, an ugly 20th century political system  kept blacks and whites not only separated but favored white supremacy in every area of life. It was set up, implemented and protected because the white Afrikaner movement of South Africa could not see itself creating a free country for all. Only white people could enjoy that freedom.

The Jews acted 180 degrees differently toward the Palestinian Arab. On the contrary, a major thrust of the original Zionist movement was to include the Arab Muslim in the building of the entire Levant. It has been tried several times only to be rejected by the Palestinian Arabs each time, starting in 1920.

The Afrikaner movement in South Africa built completely segregated townships, complete with roads used as barriers to keep separation complete, furthering the already greatly restricted South African blacks from enjoying the fruits of the country’s 20th century success. Blacks were banned from coming into white neighborhoods unless they had some sort of written authorization. They were kept from work and meeting essential needs.

This separation was done out of racism,  superiority of whites to blacks, not out of any fear of the black community. No wonder it was labeled one of the more despicable political systems in a century known for  devising the worst political systems in the history of mankind.

In Israel, separate roads and infrastructure exists on the West bank but it is not done out of Jewish superiority over Palestinians.  Separation is maintained because of fear of violence coming from the Palestinian community, not because Jews feel superior or want in some way to keep the Palestinian down.

There was a clear and present racist ideology behind the Afrikaner moves. There is only protection for innocent Jewish lives in the structure Jews have built on the  West Bank.

Apartheid, classified non white peoples into four different groupings and tried to geographically force those groups to live in specially designated areas set aside by the South African government.

Israel is made up of a number of different religious and racial groups, but as a democracy it extends the hands of freedom to all. Once again, separation is only on the West Bank and only because of the murderous attitudes of Palestinians toward Jews.

But, Israel’s enemies label this “Apartheid.”

In fact one could make the argument historically that the very reason for continued Palestinian rejection of Israeli peace and/or conciliation proposals is the fact that Muslim culture sees itself as superior to all others. It is an affront to their authoritarian religion to live alongside in equality with a former Dhimmi people.

If there is any Apartheid going on here, it exists with Arab desires in the statement above.

The separate roads and barricaded neighborhoods and checkpoints throughout the West Bank  are there for protection against terrorist attack. Remove those barriers without at least an acquiescence by the Palestinian murderers to stop killing Jews, and Jewish blood will flow exactly the way Muslims and leftist Westerners want it to.

Look what has happened to Gaza in the last nine years, since Israel pulled out unilaterally without getting some sort of an agreement first.

Toward the end of the century South African Apartheid was finally demolished in favor of a more democratic and liberating life for all South Africans, black and white. The dismantling of the Apartheid system was a good thing. South African blacks took their rightful place in the country of their ancestors. Black and white now live together in relative peace.

In regard to Israel proper, the main difference between the struggle of South African blacks and Palestinian hatred of Jews is that the violence quotient between the two groups was nowhere near compatible. While some violence against whites ensued on the black side in South Africa, it was not strong enough to overtake their liberation movement and consume their desire for revenge as it has the Palestinians in Israel.

About the white man Nelson Mandela wrote: if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love

Can you imagine, Arafat, Khalid Meshaal, or any Palestinian leader saying such a thing about Jews? It’s almost comical to even think about it. Their hatred is clear. Their desire for revenge going back to 1948 is unmistakable.

Palestinians do not want to live in peace and equality with the Jews, like the blacks of South Africa wanted to live with whites. It is only revenge and bloodshed they seek. They use lies, propaganda, and useful idiots in the west to promote their agenda, a complete destruction of the Jewish State installing an Islamic State in its place “from the river to the sea.”

Don’t be fooled into thinking Israel is a continuation of “Apartheid.” Israel is surviving a murderous enemy that is culturally bent on its destruction.


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