Can Middle East Christians survive without fighting back

The recent beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by ISIS adds to the Christian genocide in the Middle East. And it is turning into the classic definition of genocide. As we descend into a rising Jihad and the Western powers are paralyze to do anything significant with it, Christians, more than any other  community, are fair game.

It’s not systematic like the Nazis with the Jews, but ISIS is managing to kill all Christians, men, women and children, anywhere they hold power and their power is spreading.

If Christians are going to survive extinction in the Middle East then they are going to have to mobilize, establish a territorial beach head and fight back and fight back hard.

If the Kurds hadn’t done that we might be consoling their loss right now from the brotherhood of man. The Yezidis are beginning to arm and protect themselves. Suffering a tragic blow last summer they were sitting ducks for the IS monsters who sought to wipe out that entire people. They have successfully regrouped and are entering the fight against the enemy…

“Now some (Yazidis) are striking back. More than a dozen Sunni Arab residents told Reuters that armed groups of Yazidis raided four of their villages in Sinjar two weeks ago, killing at least 21 people. A further 17 went missing.”

The Christians are more numerous than the Yazidis and can muster up a trained army with western countries and Israeli help in much less time. The key here is Lebanon. Thousands of Southern Lebanese Christians had to be taken in by Israel who left the country in the 1990s. They were a natural citizen army and can serve as trainers of the new Christian community.

Furthermore, Lebanon was originally set up as a Christian country to separate itself from the more Islamic Syria by the French in the 1940s, Not unlike Israel and Jordan. Setting up in Lebanon might convince the French to correct past mistakes and supply with what they need to defeat ISIS.

Making their way to Lebanon and re establish communities, Hezbollah their sworn enemy, might not be so dismissive of the Christians setting up again in Southern Lebanon. Since they are taking such a beating in Syria now they might welcome the Christian army as an ally in the fight against ISIS. And, If Hezbollah resists then the Christians with Israeli help can fight their way in. Establishing a homeland again in Southern Lebanon and taking a piece of fractured Syria to the east can create a very viable country in which to grow their community.

It won’t be exactly like Israel, the Jews had time to build an infrastructure for fifty years before declaring their state. But, The Israelis were alone in the world when they were born, relaying on only private Jewish money to finance that war. The Christians have huge allies in western civilization. Led by the French they could be a real strong underpinning getting this under way. So, infrastructure will have to come later for the Christians, survival is first.

Lebanese Christians need to open their hearts and take in refugees starting with what’s left of the Iraqi Christian community. Join their army and fight for their own survival. They will not be able to count on Hezbollah as their agenda is clear. The official Lebanese army is weak. In an ISIS invasion Christians cannot take the chance of them not breaking down and running away like the Iraq army did.

THe U.S. is pretty much out of it, at least for another two years. However, they will have a strong ally in Israel as it is in Israel’s national interests to see a friendly Christian state on its northern border.

The Arab national armies are too weak and too scared to take on ISIS. Even Jordan who swore revenge against ISIS for burning alive their fighter pilot over two weeks ago has not retaliated in the way they said. The United States is not willing to put the proper resources together to stop them. Europeans are sinking into their own war with homeland terror.

If the non Muslim peoples of the Middle East along with Kurdistan want to survive they are going to have to do it themselves.

The Christians are going to have to realize this and make their stand together with their other allies in the region. That is the only way to survive in that world—over there.


Christian militias inside Syria. It’s fight or die for these people.


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