October 2014


No one has the answer, But you know one thing is true, You’ve got to turn on evil, When it’s coming after you,

You’ve go to face it down,

And when it tries to hide,

You’ve got to go in after it,

And never be denied,

——–  Neil Young 2001

Why does the Left find such a fascination with defending evil? Even though it states unequivocally its intention to enslave or murder all of us, especially godless Marxism, the international Marxist Left in the 21st century defends it in the Western world.

Is it some kind of hip, chic, fashionable thing to do?  Radical Islam will never bend, never yield to strength or power, it is a fight to the death. Why doesn’t the Left see that?  What would some of these forward thinking radicals do if terrorists were coming through their own front doors. I don’t think they would be so egalitarian then. They would be screaming for the first, gun totin’, muscle bound, beer drinking,  bad ass to come in and save them.

They don’t know how to face down evil. I’m not even sure they know how to define it. That is unless they are forced to.

Recently Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, controversial outspoken author, sometimes bon vivant spokesperson for the American Jewish community wrote  about an incident where he challenged author Naomi Wolf to a debate over whether Israel committed genocide or not in the recent Gaza war.

Wolf, who has a reputation for off the wall positions and conspiracy theories anyway,  appears to have  joined the rest of the clueless wolves of Hollywood, democratic party liberals , some in the arts community, some isolated sports figures and any communists wherever they are in the world in the disgusting defense of the Palestinian attempt  to murder Jews last summer.

A war that Hamas started and wanted and would not stop.

Barraging Israeli skies with rockets without scoring one hit because of Israel’s new air defense system, Iron dome. Even as Israel demanded Hamas stop the rocket fire, Juxtaposed Hamas’ frustration at not drawing blood spurned them to launch an early release of tunnel warfare to satisfy their thirst for Jewish blood.  Israel left with no other choice attacked to put the war down.

Four weeks later a shameful and regrettable 2000 people lost their lives in Gaza. We have no way of knowing exact figures but according to them, most of those people were innocent including hundreds of children. Naomi Wolf, overly civilized Rhodes Scholar, took the Hamas killers at their word that the Jews were responsible.

With the left leaning filters she lives under, it was impossible to understand the death cult that is Hamas. So demonic it would actually sacrifice its own people including children only to gain political capital.

So, without any investigation that she so stringently calls for journalists to do, she is perfectly comfortable with indicting Israel with the crime of genocide.

Will there be a Boteach and wolf debate?

Boteach challenged her to debate the issue. At first she jumped at the chance. She probably thought a rabbi with a lowly religious background would be easy pickins for someone with her debating skills. But, all the rhetorical experience in the world is not sufficient when you clearly are on the wrong side of history.

She eventually backed down because Boteach showed the contradiction in her views. He pointed out  radical Islam’s subjugation of women, suicide bombings, execution of homosexuals, and violations in human rights across the board, all positions Naomi Wolf takes very seriously in her world.

Probably realizing she might be digging a hole this time she can’t climb out of, Boteach started to fill it in writing:

“Naomi chose the path of the fainthearted and canceled her participation in the debate. She gave the excuse that she wanted to first wait for the facts from the UN investigation to come out before debating whether Israel committed genocide. Funny how those same facts didn’t matter when it came to libeling the Jewish state in the first instance and providing fuel for anti-Semites the world over who wish to destroy Israel.”

Naomi Wolf is emblematic of a clueless group of entertainment, literary and sports professionals, people the rest of us would like to admire, who seem to want to ride this crest of Jewish hatred without stopping to consider all of the ramifications of their actions. They’re all against racism, except when it comes to Jews, apparently.

Penelope Cruz, making the same accusation as Wolf, when confronted,  almost immediately backed off her statement, when shown how one sided her position was. Why couldn’t she come to that conclusion on her own?

The same went for Dwight Howard, Selina Gomez, Rhianna  and a number of others.

Is that what liberal, free thinking, freedom loving artists are about now? They are following a Marxist intelligentsia which has its own reasons for bringing down the Western world. Along with their Jihadist allies they are making headway, first Israel, then Europe, then the United States.

The Left makes use of this community because it doesn’t work for a living, those with so much money and time on their hands to just sit and figure out ways to be significant. Do you actually think that if Ben Affleck was a cable tv installer instead of a big Hollywood star that he would be so quick not to hold the Muslim world accountable for allowing the cancer that is currently growing inside of it?

The left feeds off of Naomi wolf, Ben Affleck, Dwight Howard and the rest, and the rest feed off of the left to gain the right amount of street cred for their comments.

The world’s Glitterati have become the useful idiots for the Marxist/jihadist attempt of destroying our way of life. They must learn to face down the evil that is coming. Coming for all of us.

Or, we will all be denied.

Photos at top courtesy of en.wikipedia.org, and Shmuley.com

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