July 2011

Bankruptcy is a big word in baseball these days since the Los Angeles Dodgers filed for Chapter 11 back in June. Dodger fans are still in shock about what is happening to their cherished team.

Frank McCourt and wife are the culprits.

Nevertheless the Dodgers join a list of current bankruptcies Ava Longoria’s Las Vegas night club, Marie Callenders’ restaurants and Borders’ bookstores are all struggling for reorganization to try and save their failing businesses.

Los Angeles has to deal with the shame of having a baseball team that cannot pay its bills. And all because of a greedy little East coast establishment liberal and Marie Antoinette style wife thought they could just take and take and take from our baseball team without retribution.

A hearing will be held on Wednesday to determine who will be running the Los Angeles Dodgers through the rest of this mess. $150 million will be loaned to the team to operate, the only question is who will be allowed to loan the money. If it’s McCourt’s lender he will retain operational control but if it’s Major League Baseball McCourt might lose his hold. So, the stakes on Wednesday remain extremely high.

I guess you know who the Dodger fans are rooting for.

The richest franchise in baseball and it has been drained dry by those two carpetbaggers.

What ever happened to tar and feathering?