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This paper was started before 9-11 and finished six weeks after it happened. Much of what I wrote reflected that undeniable world changing event as it applied to the now failed peace process which had descended into terrorism on a daily basis. Some of the worst suicide bombing attacks took place in those years following 9-11.

I had argued in this peace that the Bush Administration spoken for at the UN by Secretary of State Colin Powell, was wrong in their assessment of how best to fix the Middle East and get the peace process back on tract. As it turns out I was right and Mr. Powell was wrong.

The Israelis ended up building a wall across the West Bank to keep the murderers out of Israel and the Jewish people safe.

Because this piece studies American foreign policy in the Middle East during the first ten years of the State of Israel I spent a lot of time on the 1956 Sinai Crisis. Much of the information of this piece was taken at the time  from my not yet published Journal article “Failures in American Diplomacy: The Suez Crisis, 1956, published in The International Journal of History. It is also located on this site in Hart’s Journal if you want to read a more in depth study on the issue.

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