Sept 2014

Congress recently pass a spending bill to arm the Syrian rebels. This is a huge mistake. Why can’t we learn from some of the mistakes we make in the Middle East, rather than making them over and over again?

There are no parties fighting in that conflict that we can seriously support without possibly endangering our own interests. Although there may be some responsible parties in Syria that might be democratic and freedom loving in an American sort of way, we have no way of filtering them out. And, besides they are not nearly strong enough to make a difference in this war.

It’s like asking to support the Palestinians against Israel because maybe ten percent of them want to end that conflict as much as Israel does.

We have no way of knowing who those weapons will really be going to. And if we do successfully vet some Syrians, what assurance do we have that they will not turn on us in the future, then using the weapons and training we give them to kill us or our soldiers.

How many times did that happen in Iraq and Afghanistan? Didn’t we lose a general there because we didn’t see that terrorist behind our lines? Don’t create another situation where this can happen again.

The Syrian bonehead policy to arm and train rebels was discussed about a year ago and shelved because, the administration correctly determined that arming the rebels against Bashar Assad’s government would not 1) guarantee a victory for the rebel side against Assad, Hez bollah and Iran. And 2) we have no way of knowing which rebels are friendly and which are not since the rebel army is mostly made up of Sunni Jihadists, al Queda off shoots and others who hate the west and everything it stands for.

We did this in Afghanistan in the 80s to hurt the Soviets and look how that turned out. Osama bin Laden, 9-11, and thousands of US soldiers killed in some far off god forsaken hell hole of burning sands and little water. Ol’ Charley Wilson, anti Communist that he was, could not see through his hatred for the Soviet Union to an enemy which even then expressed disdain for the American way of life and Western morality.

We paid for that mistake with our blood. And, now we are about to do it again.

Arming the rebels in Syria is a recipe for further disaster of our already shredded policy governing the Middle East. We need a bold new strategy to deal with this threat.

I’ve got one for you.

Try this out for size. Forget about Syria. Let the Syrians fight it out. There will come a day when whoever the victor is in that war we will have to deal with. But, for now, every terrorist killed there on either side is one more that an American, Israeli or European soldier does not have to risk his life in taking out. Our enemies can actually do that for us.

What could be sweeter?

Push them out of Iraq, contain them in Syria and wait for a victor to emerge. Then we’ll see.

Jewish community examiner

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