October 24, 2014


The Associated Press (AP) published an article on Wednesday, Oct. 22,  noting an attack in East Jerusalem. A Palestinian Hamas operative, totally unprovoked, rammed his car into a bus stop killing a three month old baby and injuring several others.

Typical terror attack seeking to kill Jews inside Israel, not that unusual, no more disgusting than any other terror news coming out of that part of the world these days.

ap headline israeli police shoot man sm

Here is a snippet of the original article before the AP change the title.

The AP published the article giving all the details of the crime, but titled it “Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem.” Even though the perpetrator was killed at the scene trying to flee, the AP chose to titillate an already blood thirsty, Palestinian, western left audience inciting more violence with a badly misplaced martyrdom of a terrorist with no regard for human life, by making him the focus of the article instead of the dead and injured.

Realizing they might have gone a little too far, they tried to correct their mistake a few hours later by changing the title from the one above to “Palestinian kills baby at Jerusalem station.” http://news.yahoo.com/israeli-police-shoot-man-east-jerusalem-153643679.html

Trying to hide their obvious disregard for Jewish death and injury with a preference toward Palestinian bloodlust, is not so easy in the world of the internet. If you click on the URL you can read the AP account but more pertinent is the actual reading of the URL.

Uh-oh! They got caught with their pants down and there are pictures of Marx and Lenin on their underwear.

What they did is carved in stone. Internet protocol is such that once you arrange a URL you can’t change it, so it reads the original title even though the title of the story is now changed.

This is typical of the liberal left wing that dominates the Western press, events get skewed into a left wing funnel, churned, and turned, and mashed and bashed, until it comes out on the other side where Israel is to blame no matter what happened, even when a Jewish baby is wantonly murdered by a vengeful Muslim terrorist.

The AP’s recklessness and total disregard for relaying on facts, a basic journalism 101 precept apparently lost on this “highly respected” news agency, causes titles on follow up articles like “Israel police brace for Palestinian killer driver funeral.”

Want to read about the funeral expectations of this murderer. click here. 

The Jews are worried that the funeral of this guy will turn into a riot because Israeli police shot and killed a murderer on the scene. There are nine people injured some seriously and one little baby girl

that’s never going to grow up, never get to be cool. Keep on Rockin’ in the free world

————–Neil Young

Once again Palestinian savagery cries out for justice for murderers, and leaves the innocent to bleed and suffer. Part of their bravado in taking their civilization in that direction is the historical growth and slide of western journalism into the Palestinian world of Jewish hatred in Israel to make more palatable their ugly contribution to the human condition. Left wing journalists have become the mouth pieces of the Palestine killers, their cushion to the rest of civilization, telling their story, twisted, perverse,  and macabre, with heroics and martyrdom.


Who is the real oppressor here? With mistakes like this it leaves those non partisans still sitting on the fence of this conflict, young people becoming politically aware are realizing what real monsters await them, to wonder why, why would the AP do this?

Better reassess boys.