October 2011

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MJ Rosenberg uses typical twisted speak to justify Jewish liberal silence in the face of left wing anti-Semitism in the Occupy Wall Street protest. In his article,” “Exploiting anti-Semitism to destroy Occupy Wall Street,” in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles on October 14 th, Rosenberg utilizes historical analogies that to the seasoned historian don’t make any sense.

Citing the “The Protocals of the Elders of Zion” as a means to exposing Jewish hatred in the Occupy America crowed, he conveniently twists history analogizing current Jews in this movement as socialists only struggling against the other side, the oppressive czarist government in early 20th century Russia, one of history’s outstanding officially sponsored Jew hatred regimes ranking right up there with the Nazis, Palestinian nationalism and Russia’s future at the time, Leninist Marxism.

In order for the “protocols” in this case to work, the anti-Semitism would have to come from outside the movement, that is, conservatives making anti Zionist and anti Jewish statements to contest the validity of the OWS movement. Afterall, it was the Czar’s people who developed the document to discredit Marxist activity not anti-semitism coming from within Russia’s revolutionary movement itself. Unfortunately for Rosenberg the anti-Semitism that sounds very much like the “Protocols” in question is coming from inside his own movement, on the OWS website forums and in the streets while rallying.

As Seinfeld would say oooohhhh! That’s too bad.

If you go to the website forum you will find among some of the more thoughtful and interesting posts a sprinkling of Jewish hatred that has no place in this, or any grass roots American movement. But, there it is. And, Rosenberg does not want you to upset the Jewish liberal applecart by speaking out against it. Instead he follows classic Alinsky rule no. 10 for radicals “you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments.” By attempting to show the moral high ground by blaming this disgusting display on the other side, he is, in this article urging Jews to ignore the anti semitic slurs in lieu of possessing the greater good.

I’ve got a flash for MJ Rosenberg. There is nothing good about a movement that allows anti-semitism  on any level to flourish within its confines. Furthermore, Rosenberg sets the example of  trying to turn your back on it and pretend it isn’t  there. That is both gutless and dangerous.  If you want to talk history that tactic got us the Gulag and gas chambers.

If Rosenberg really wants to be helpful then instead of drawing historical analogies that don’t fly, why doesn’t he petition the leaders of this site to take down the offensive language. Even Rosenberg can learn something from the Tea Party. Two years ago, when these same kinds of accusations were being bantered about the Tea party being anti-Semitic right here in the Jewish Journal pages and elsewhere the Tea Party organizers immediately took down all offensive language and removed any racism that existed on their forums, or their rallies out on the street.

If this movement wants to be taken seriously then it better excise the hatred that exists within. Better yet liberal Jews like MJ Rosenberg really ought to wake up and realize where their friends really are. As I wrote two years ago on this very same subject,  “Do we want to continue to snuggle up to those who will destroy us? The Left in the 21st century is no different than the right in the 20th. Left unchecked it will continue to move toward more vicious attacks on Israel, on Jews, on the Jewish religion and on all of us. We need to put our faith in those who have proven to be our friends and allies in all matters political.” http://www.examiner.com/jewish-community-in-los-angeles/the-problem-with-liberal-jews-the-democratic-party-an-editorial

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