July, 2008

Original article: “ Fear of an Obama Planet Grips Some Americans”




Let me qualify myself so you don’t write me off as some online right wing kook. Well, you might but you should know anyway that I, like Obama, and you, have travelled. I have also lived abroad. And, I have family in several countries. I might add, in case you want to use it against me under your breadth also have numerous friends all over the globe. The difference is that I do not share his, or your vision of your so called “Obama world.” Here’s why.

I would strongly disagree with your friend and dinner partner during that mystical night in Mumbai a few weeks ago when he “turned to (you) and proclaimed ‘Americans are inherently stupid.’” For someone whose country was torn apart because Hindu and Muslim could not find common ground to live together, I think he should hold his tongue. As far as Egypt is concern,  that is certainly no bastion of freedom and equality either. I’ve been to Cairo, Mona, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.    Americans are not perfect but at least we struggle with the questions of modern humanity, and because of that strive to solve some of those perplexing problems that face us as a world community. As far as I can see Egyptians and Indians have done none of that.

It is people like Sanjay and that Sri Lankan woman, who because of her noisy eavesdropping couldn’t help but join in, that creates all the hate in the world. You and your friends Mona, are small minded people who cannot see the bigger picture of all the good that America has done and the sacrifice that Americans have made on your behalf. It appears that you had a real good laugh over the ignorant questions whether Egypt had fresh fruit or Sri Lanka had bread. Mona, while your dad was growing up did he think that the streets of America were lined with gold?

You may be an expert on Arab and Muslim issues but you don’t know Americans very well. Ignorance of one’s people I guess works both ways.  Americans who oppose Obama do not fear him  because he is black. That is so typical of the bigoted, intolerant narrow thinking  that regards us as “stupid.” First, You might just get that “Obama world” you seek, as he has an excellent chance of becoming the next President of the United States. If that happens that means that many of the same people who voted for George Bush in 2004 will have to vote for Obama in order for him to win. How do you explain that? I look forward to you answering that question in November in these pages. Second, the problem that some Americans have with Obama is not because he is black, it’s because of his politics. I know this is something that you and Sanjay might not understand but the vast majority of us do vote for people on that basis, not because of who they are, the color of their skin, the religion they believe in, or where they come from. I will remind you that this is America and are we are a free people. Free to vote for and choose the government we wish. I don’t think that exists in the Egyptian state system, does it?

Instead of asking your high browed, stuck up architect friend about Americans why don’t you ask the Africans whose lives have been saved because of the simple Mosquito net which was set up and mass produced American style, with the direct help of the Bush administration and has saved hundreds of thousands of lives because of its success.  Or, why you are at it, ask them about that peanut butter substance, profiled on 60 minutes several times, the most recent a couple of weeks ago, that is literally saving lives of countless children who otherwise would die of malnutrition and starvation. Or, how about the Americans that sacrificed their lives in trying to help the Somalis during the now famous “Black Hawk Down” incident? Have the  Indians  or Egyptians done anything like that lately?

Americans do a lot of good in the world. They feed the hungry, clothe the naked and medicate the sick. Trillions of hard earned American dollars, the same Americans you think are so “stupid,” go into providing these programs. Americans give and give and give some more.  Forget about Egypt and India, have any non white European countries practiced that kind of humanitarian effort lately? The Saudis? The Kuwatis? They certainly have the money, what have they done?

Frankly, I don’t know why the Jewish Journal puts up with your kind of hatred. You don’t have to be a “right winger” to love this country. Especially, for us Jews who after centuries of wandering have finally found a home that treats us as equals. And, without America and the clear righteous thinking of American, white, European descended Christians, it is questionable whether Israel would be celebrating its 60th birthday this year. Again, these are the same Americans you had such a good time laughing about at your little dinner party in Mumbai. You might just get that “Obama world” that you are not able to vote for. But, remember this, this is not Egypt, a president must answer to his people, and even the radical principles of leftists like Obama will not bring this country down.


Just another Stupid American,

Larry Hart

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