American Left visibly disappointed in Netanyahu victory

Binyamin Netanyahu successfully won the election for Prime Minister of Israel on Tuesday and some circles in the United States are not happy about it. Clearly, the American Left standing firmly behind President Obama, is not too happy about the results of the Israeli election.

Maybe none more devastated than Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC. She seemed to be most upset at Netanyahu’s announcement that he no longer would support a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Mitchell said it this way:

“In the closing days of the campaign he came out against the creation of a Palestinian state…They know what this means. He is against a Palestinian state, a clear reversal of decades of Israeli commitments to the U.S., including Netanyahu’s own commitment to President Obama.”

Ms. Mitchell is probably not aware that  80% of the Israeli electorate favors a two state solution. Palestinians have never matched those numbers in their polls no matter how much they skewed the wording allowing for East Jerusalem as a capital and repatriation of eight million Palestinian refugees back into Israel as a basis for a real

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peace treaty. It’s the Palestinians who don’t want it, and clearly work toward not getting it with their actions of blood letting on the Jewish people. Andrea Mitchell either does not care or just ignores this evidence because to recognize it she would have to support the State of Israel, and clearly does not want to do that.

Netanyahu was the first Likud leader to openly declare support for the two state solution back in 1997. And, his explanation is correct which I don’t think labor would argue with, that to establish any kind of a Palestinian State while their sympathies and actions maintain a level of terrorism rather than a peaceful coexistence would be folly at this point. Any agreement would just create more dangers for the State of Israel. Ms. Mitchell might not think so, but Israelis live under enough danger right now as it is and they don’t need any more.

Until what’s ever coming finally resolves itself in the Middle East, a moratorium on the two state solution is going to have to be on hold. But, honestly, even after most Jihadists are dead, I don’t think the Palestinians will change their attitude any.

Mitchell, a longtime opponent of not just Israeli governments but against the state of Israel in general said during the second Intifada in the years right after 9-11, before Israel built the wall to keep suicide bombers out, that “what we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of the State of Israel.” She has no love for the Israeli people or what their significance in history means. She would probably be happier to see it destroyed regardless of what that would mean for millions of Jews who would die in the process.

She is one of those self hating left wing Jews I wrote about some time ago in “Getting burned on the Jewish Left

While president Obama simmers in his Oval Office,  he can’t get over the fact that Netanyahu won. The administration thought it was working in its own interests by empowering the labor coalition in Israel against the re election of Netanyahu. Rumors were that they poured millions of dollars into Netanyahu’s opposition. But, those efforts might have backfired and Obama is now eating cake.  I tweeted out last night when it was clear that Likud had done better than expected that Obama’s meddling into Israeli politics might have actually strengthened Netanyahu’s hand.































After two thousand years of being told by the gentile where to live, what to do, how to pray, what kinds of professions to engage in, when to go and when to come, and even by the 20th  century when to breathe. This  is why we have a Jewish State so you can’t tell us what to do anymore. Trying to tell Jews how to vote is the wrong message. With Obama’s meddling they probably said I don’t particularly like Netanyahu, but I like less the president of the United States telling me who I should vote for, so Bibi gets my vote.

News reports in America have bibi’s reelection as not good for Israel U.S. relations. I wouldn’t exactly agree. Netanyahu and the State of Israel enjoy good relations with a majority of American politicians, on both sides of the isle, and the American people stand by Israel by more than two to one in this country.

It’s bad for Obama, but not for anyone else.

In two years Obama will be gone but Netanyahu with any luck will still be in office. A new president, will hopefully begin to repair what Mr. Obama has broken. I am sure Netanyahu will only be too happy to have this relationship back to where it was in 2009 when Obama first took office.

Of course, two more years Obama can do a lot more damage so we’ll just have to wait and see.

And, the Islamic State should be destroyed.


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