Allowing in thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria


Recently the United States government announced that in keeping with our humanitarian American values we are going to allow in thousands of Syrian refugees  to give them a chance at a better life.

In an attempt to cool the fears of both law enforcement and law makers about the risks of letting in large numbers of Muslim refugees, the Obama administration said “the overwhelming majority are vulnerable women and children.”

The Obama administration has allowed in up to this point about 1000 refugees from Syria,  but has plans now in his second term to allow in many thousands more. The idea cannot be blamed totally on the Democrats and Barack Obama however.

Jeb Bush, so far undeclared candidate for President, floated the idea of repopulating the burned out city of Detroit with 50,000 Syrian refugees.

He said,

“It just seems to me that maybe if you open up our doors in a fair way and unleashed the spirit of peoples’ hard work, Detroit could become in really short order, one of the great American cities again. Now it would look different, it wouldn’t be Polish…But it would be just as powerful, just as exciting, just as dynamic. And that’s what immigration does and to be fearful of this, it just seems bizarre to me.”

Here is the problem with this.

Repopulating Detroit with Muslims along with the already conceded city of Dearborn to a Muslim stronghold would just about seal the fate to the first Muslim outpost in North America embodied in the State of Michigan.

The Obama administration promises a strong vetting process to keep out bad guys. Considering what president Obama has told us in the past do we really want to trust him with this?

I can just see it now, when the first Jihadist attack happens because our vetting process did not account for what drove this hypothetical Syrian Muslim to kill Americans, standing up there telling us he didn’t find out until we found out, through the normal media. Oh yea, that’s really good.

Here is a further problem

The people we let in might very well pass the strongest of vetting processes, but how do we know that they won’t raise radical children or grandchildren. These could be American Muslims who are not even born yet. How do you vet against that?

That seems to be a problem in western societies. Muslims come to western countries, are extremely grateful for the freedoms they now live under, and express that by becoming fully integrated producing members of the countries they live in. But their children and grandchildren become radicalized kill innocent Christians and Jews, hacking them to death, or opening fire with automatic weapons, yelling Allahu akbar as they are doing it.

How does the Obama administration or politicians like Jeb Bush plan to prevent that from happening?

The Internet is filled with totally surprised Muslim parents, who came to the west for a better life, but somehow managed to raise Jihadist children. They can’t understand it themselves.

One Belgian mother says of her ISIS Jihadist son, “He had just finished recording a music album. We didn’t think he was about to leave us.” You can tell that this parent is a little confused as to how her son became a Jihadist.

Two Southern California Jihadists arrested recently at LAX trying to get to Syria, one of them seems to have taken his parents by surprise. While the parents seemed to genuinely appreciate the gifts of American freedom, they groped for answers about their sons’ predilection to go to Syria for Jihad. They indicated that they never had any trouble with him, he was a good kid, and just couldn’t understand it.

In England another set of parents said about their little darling. “He appeared well integrated into British life and was popular among his classmates and his non-Muslim friends. As a boy, he spent hours immersed in the tales of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’”

Then his parents were taken completely by surprise one day when they learned from him that he had crossed over into Syria to fight for the ISIS Jihad.

There  are stories upon stories like this coming out of the west, Great Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, etc

I guess we should all be happy that they didn’t perform their sha ‘heed in their home countries, taking out innocent Christians or Jews and chose to go elsewhere, but how many still lurk here? How many are out there planning to do us harm, and how many more will there be if we continue to allow unfettered immigration from the Muslim world into our Judeo Christian Democratic society.

We cannot let in thousands, turning into hundreds of thousands, and eventually into millions of Muslim refugees from every country where these ISIS monsters choose to go and destroy, into the democratic world and not expect rising problems down the line from making those decisions.

If the United States  wants to do something humanitarian to take these unfortunate souls out of harm’s way, take Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese and other refugees, from the Arab Middle East and find any one of the other sixty some odd Muslim countries for them to settle in.

There are many wealthy oil rich countries that could take these people in and give them the same or better resources to rebuild their lives. And, they would still be among their own Muslim brothers and sisters, same culture, same language, same fashion styles, same religion.

Isn’t that better than trying to assimilate a population that finds it very hard to give up their cultural traditions and then resents it so much they kill us over it? In other Muslim countries they won’t have to.

There is no need to bring them into the west and create Jihad on America streets. We will be dealing with this problem soon enough anyway. We shouldn’t hasten or worsen that situation with this ill-conceived policy.

Write your congressman or something.