Now that the Alabama law against illegal immigration is implemented the benefits and consequences can begin to be seen.

Two I-told-you-so items seem to be coming to fruition.

According to Alabama’s Department of Industrial Relations unemployment fell this past August for the first time since 2006 to 9.9% indicating American citizens are filling the void left by almost 200,000 illegal aliens. So much for former President Bush’s adage in the 2004 election, “they only do the jobs that Americans won’t do.” http://dir.alabama.gov/docs/pressreleases/uc_august%202011%20rate%20release.pdf

Network news broadcasts have always expressed the view that illegals, not sovereignty, are a good thing for America.  Recent reports showed how American farmers are suffering because of the passage of the law in Alabama. Diane Sawyer on her broadcast last Friday night was replete with showing tomatoes rotting on the vine and other typical videos of doom because Alabamians had forced their government to do something concrete about the illegal immigration problem.

No one ever said this would be easy, only necessary.

Enter Jerry Spencer from the Grow Alabama Foundation. Spencer’s group provides Alabama crops to be bought and utilized by Alabama citizens, an effort to keep the money inside the state. Obviously if the crops don’t get picked then Grow Alabama cannot provide its service. So, in a true “can do” American spirit Spencer is organizing unemployed Americans, inner city unemployed, students who need work and anybody else who wants to put a few bucks in their pocket to go and pick the crops so they can get harvested. The plan is in its infant stages and there are hurdles to get over like transportation to and from work but Spencer is hopeful that enough people will take advantage of the opportunity. http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2011/10/alabama_immigration_law_farmer.html

Good for Alabama. Good for its farmers, Good for America

Of course, Diane Sawyer in her report did not mention Grow Alabama and its efforts, her report only emphasized what a disaster the new immigration law has been to the state’s farmers. I wonder if the camera had panned out a little more from those close ups of rotting tomatoes if it might have not shown Americans working in the fields picking the still good tomatoes for market. But, then that wouldn’t be good for ABC News’ agenda, would it?

With the bitter fight that went on in Arizona a couple of years ago and still continues to this day, it is gratifying to see Alabama ride this success to set the example.

Congratulations to the great State of Alabama.

And, what are we doing in California?  We just passed the Dream Act which gives illegals the right to University grant money increasing the pool of recipients for Cal Grants, making an already difficult prospect even harder for American citizens to get the higher education they so desperately need?

Hmm, I wonder where those 200,000 illegals from Alabama are headed?


Photo at top courtesy of fotolibra.com

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  • TeaParty Immigration Coalition

    Reply Reply April 22, 2015

    See that picture?
    That’s what America is supposed to look like. Citizens working!
    Alabama is awesome.
    Those of you from other states, take this article to your state Representatives to prove to them that immigration reform that puts Americans first actually works!
    Unfortunately, our enemy the Chamber of Commerce has been hard at work all over the country. Spending millions, they have taken over most of Congress and most of the state capitols.
    They are in league with and control the GOP.
    Tell everyone that this is just so much baloney put out by the GOP.
    The Plot is this
    1. Shout “Seal the Border”
    2. Shout “No Amnesty”
    3. Shout “Illegal Executive Amnesty”
    Be for any plan that keeps all the illegals here.
    We ask you to go onto these websites and post the plot. Warn everyone. Write letters to the editor. Make the call in shows.
    And ask everyone to do the same.
    So, again, Please ask every GOP candidate this question in these exact words. If he or she fails to give you a straight up yes or no, then you know they’re lying.
    “Do you support or reject the GOP Establishment plan to allow all or most of the illegal aliens present to have “permanent residency” or “mass legalization”?”
    You see there is a Chamber of Commerce and GOP Establishment plot to allow them to continue to be here to commit 1.2 Million crimes per year, steal all the jobs since 2000 from Real Americans who are forced onto welfare since they cannot even get an interview for the jobs, steal our education and healthcare dollars, destroy the culture, steal our voting rights, rape our daughters and kill us at an ever increasing rate.
    As far as we know, every one of the presidential hopefuls except 2 DO NOT call this plan amnesty. Amnesty according to the GOP Establishment and their candidates is only when you give citizenship.
    We say baloney. It’s just like Bill Clinton who said,”I did not have sex with that woman.” It apparently depends on how you define sex or amnesty

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