Accusing Israel of inciting all the current violence’s  “Israel provokes the holy city,” on November 9th,   gives a perspective of granting the Palestinians a free pass from their actions. That isn’t anything new.  Palestinian activists have learned firsthand from their western Marxist allies the best way to deal with history is to distort it, lie about it, and selectively use events to make your agenda, no matter how criminal or barbaric it happens to be, more appealing to the masses out there who are unaware of what they are really doing.

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The first paragraph of “Israel provokes the holy city” pretty much shows this to be so true. “This summer Israel went on a rampage in the West Bank, followed by an invasion of Gaza, and now a series of escalations in East Jerusalem.”

No mention of what perpetrated these events by Israel  on the Palestinian side, just that Israel did them. The statement is true as far as it goes, just not totally accurate, carefully leaving out Palestinian culpability for not cooperating with Israeli authorities in looking for the murderers of those three Israeli students. And, then warning Hamas for over a week to stop firing rockets into Israel and when they didn’t, Israel was forced to respond.

Of course, if the author had done this there would have been no basis for his words, firstly, “rampaging through the west bank” and secondly “followed by an invasion of Gaza.”

You can read more on that here. Go down to the fifth paragraph to show objective media with no reason to distort

Oh by the way, the article is written by Sharif Nashashibi, the very same that published on Aljeezera last week his attack on the Balfour Declaration in which he does to the history of 100 years ago that which he is doing to the history of the last couple of weeks.

You can read my take on that here.

I’m sure Sol Alinsky would be very proud of both the writer and the publisher, Mr. Al

Alinsky’s Rule 12   “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

This is exactly what Nashashibi and Aljeezera are doing here, “picking” only those events which enable them to “polarize” international thinking on Israel.  Of course, the second part of Alinsky’s  Rule no 12 will mean that innocent Jews will die, and, as the rule states, by “isolating the target from sympathy,” no one  will care. They will even applaud at the spilling of Jewish blood.


Let’s look at what Nashashibi has left out of his piece, and his editors over there at the Algeezera newsroom failed to catch before he published.

One, Israel is trying to restore calm not cause it, there are no attacks on Palestinians only reactions to Palestinian attacks on Jews.

Two , Israel is working with the Jordanian government and other interested governments in the Levant,  keeping them informed of their moves to restore order on the Temple Mount  so as to avoid any mistaken defensive moves for offensive gestures .

Three,  Mahmoud Abbas has called on Palestinians to prevent Jews from going to the mount, which translates to attacking them if they try, A confidant close to Abbas said  that this is a “declaration of war.”

Not to cooperative or responsible, don’t you think?

Five, Jerusalem is Israel’s capital city. It is within their very interests to see that peace is maintained and the violators are punished to the full extent of Israeli law.

Six, three times in the last two weeks Palestinian terrorists have driven their cars into groups of Jews waiting on the side of the road, killing and maiming a number of them, maybe signaling a new tactic of the Palestinian terrorist to kill Jews, run them over with your car.

Do Jews have a right to be angry yet?

Of course, to read Nashashibi’s article you won’t get any of that, only diatribes and distortions about what Israel is and what it is doing.

Unquestionably an appalling display of yellow journalism.

There has to be a return to honest, reputable, factual, and whenever necessary historically accurate reporting in our world. Mr. Nashashibi with this article does exactly what he accuses Israel of doing in trying to bring calm back into that portion of the world.

It is reporters like him that create provocative statements like this article which drive politicians like Mahmoud Abbas to make statements like a declaration of war, which in turn causes reporters like Nashashibi  to  one up the politicians with something worse, a vicious cycle which will result in the deaths of many innocent people.

Jews and Palestinians both.

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