December 2010

America, take a good look at us here in California. Try to keep the rest of the country together because as the nuts in the white robes predicted in the 70s, California is sliding off into the Pacific Ocean.

This current midterm election showed something significant. Americans are not happy with the way the Obama agenda is taking the country. California seems to be the exception. Republican conservatives won stinging victories against Obamaism picking up at least 60 seats in the house to take a commanding majority and at least 6 seats in the Senate with two more still undecided.

This is clearly a  referendum on the Obama, Pelosi, Reid triumvirate which tried to fundamentally change American values and American life. Pelosi’s gone, Reid’s power is greatly diminished and if President Obama does not start compromising with more middle of the road legislation he will relegate himself to a lame duck position for the next two years until the end of his presidency.

But, you couldn’t prove it by the California results. California apparently will just not let go of the post Marxist ideology which now has been neutralized in Washington. Sacramento is a different story.

Jerry Brown, our new governor, will continue the gutless rule of Arnold Schwarzenegger albeit, it won’t be gutless. Brown, isn’t afraid, to rule like Arnold, he actually believes in it. Brown is a left wing nutcase who has no one ideological bent, he has all of them.

Californians also have retained Barbara Boxer as United States Senator. I guess her pompous, self serving, hysterical soliloquies toward men in high positions was an acceptable representation of California leadership to the electorate.

Californians decided to retain the coming of AB32 as they voted down prop 23 which would have placed a moratorium on its implementation until California was in a better position to handle AB 32’s retro maniacal orders to set the example at what a people can do to reverse global warming if they want to. Of course, Spain might have something to say about California’s apparent blind sided dedication to ruining this state.

Ah but who cares, you are living in a state which outlaws McDonalds toys for children and are proud purveyors of sanctuary city policies even though murderers and other criminals hide among the law breaking illegal population.

AB 32 will affect every facet of the California life style. Within a year of its implementation we will all be paying a lot more for Water and power, natural gas, food on the supermarket shelves. We will be forced to meet all kinds of fees and regulations for real estate development which is bound to hike prices of new homes—homes that none of us can afford right now anyway.

And, gasoline, is perceived to get up as high as $9 a gallon in no time. Really!

Oh, and trucking, which is the primary method by which almost all goods get to grace our shelves so we can buy them, will become a thing of the past. AB 32 requires all transport vehicles to be equipped with special “green” devices which are so costly most trucking companies are saying it just isn’t worth it. And, the ones that will comply, you can bet they’ll pass on that cost to us, the consumer.

So, America, congratulations on a job well done in answering a ”wrong way” discussion about our future. Just keep away from California…I hope it isn’t catchy.

Remember us, as the way we used to be, Strong, proud, free, and the place where opportunity once was brimming over.

And, now, I turn it over to Governor Moonbeam…