A Marxist view of Israel

The international Marxist left should never be allowed to run any government ever again. Here’s why.

Avi shlaim is one of those writers who takes a Left wing view of Israel and its dealings with Palestinians, better known in Israel as a “new historian.” He is a proud admitted  Marxist and would like to see at best a diminished, weakened Israel, and at worst the complete deconstruction of Zionism in that part of the world. And, he doesn’t seem to care about the bloodshed either of those scenarios would bring onto his own people as long as his Marxist lust is satisfied.

Recently I ran across a 2009 op ed piece he published in “The Guardian” in which he laid out many of the wrongs Israel has perpetrated on the Palestinian people, especially those in Gaza in light of Israel’s massive victory against them in 2009, the first of the three wars with Hamas in the last six years.

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Shlaim describes himself as an Israeli who served “proudly” in Israel’s armed forces and has always supported the boundary lines after the 1948 war. If you know anything about Avi Shlaim, have read his books or articles you would know what a ridiculous assertion that is. In order for that statement to be even half true he would have to condone what he has labeled as some of the worst atrocities in history committed by Israeli forces in the 1948 war. His claim was to condemn what Israel had to do in that war to establish its state. The state he now says he  “has always supported.”

Shliam has spent a good portion of his academic life going over the war of 1948 condemning the leaders, the army and anyone who supported the Jews’ right to sovereignty in their ancient homeland.

For example: Shlaim tries to discredit all historians, commentators and observers on the ground in 1948, calling them not credible historians because the vast majority of these accounts support the Jews and what they achieved against pretty remarkable odds. He disavowed all observations, books, and memoirs of that war on the Israeli side, indicating one must be a PhD and a serious historian combing over freshly released documents thirty years after the fact, otherwise the history just isn’t valid. What nonsense.

I wrote a treatise answering his charges on documenting the 1948 war. If you want to read it go here.

These accounts do not discuss, according to him, so called atrocities, expulsions, and the wholesale murder of women and children.  That might be because there wasn’t nearly the amount of wrong doing on the part of the fledgling IDF as Shliam has asserted. What is reflected in these accounts is a very hard fought bloody war. Small in comparison to the war that came before it, but still dangerous and violent. But, he contends now that he “has never questioned the legitimacy of the state of Israel within its pre-1967 borders.”

Do you think he is telling his readers the truth?

He calls Gaza “a classic case of colonial exploitation in the post-colonial era.” A typical Marxist phrase designed to divide a ruling oppressor, in this case Israel, with a ruled oppressed, the Palestinians. He blames Israel for them living in abject poverty. But, today in 2015 they have had ten years free of Israeli rule, and all they can show for it is attack tunnels and home made rockets to fire on innocent Jews.


At the 2014 Oxford union debate, in which also Dennis Pragar and Shmuley Boteach both argued for Israel’s side, two of the most eloquent advocates for Israel in the world. But, this is just Avi Shlaim’s comments. He covers several of the same issues that were in “The Guardian” article. Marxism is a lot of things, strange has to be top of the list that it makes Jews like Shlaim hate his own country so much.

Shlaim is a master of revisionist history, of selectively  choosing events for his own agenda, to make true what he wants to be true, never mind what really happened. A good example of this kind of fallacious treatment of history follows:

He accuses the Jewish State of leaving Gaza in 2005, not in hopes that the Gazans will establish themselves reputable now that they are out of Israeli hands, but Shlaim actually postulates the move was to strengthen and widen their hold on the west Bank . Here’s how:

Moving 8,000 residents out of Gaza is replaced by moving 12,000 new residents into the West Bank in the same year,  for the sole purpose of expanding into greater Israel. I am not sure of the figures but I would be interested in seeing how many Israelis move to the West bank in any given year, even those years where no new housing was built. I wonder what document shlaim uncovered for that information.

Furthermore, how many of those 12,000 moved to Jerusalem and not the rest of the settled Jewish west bank. Jerusalem is not under dispute, it is part of Israel. Only the left and the Palestinians and the rest of their proxies in the west call it part of the West bank.

I would think that if Professor Shliam had proof of this that would pretty much confirm what he and his Marxist friends have been saying about Israel since the end of the 1967 war. That would be a great coup for them. So, why doesn’t he provide a citation?

He doesn’t produce it in the article because he doesn’t have it. Most likely nothing even remotely close to an argument for his assertion even exists.

Shlaim accuses Israel of promoting secret alliances with other Arab regimes to keep the poor Palestinians from practicing democracy. So, the Left, admittedly embodied in Avi Shlaim, who has nothing but contempt for democracy in the first place is condemning Israel for purposely keeping the Palestnians from practicing it.

You get the logic behind that?

Shliam’s own belief system prevents the advent of democracy.  Shlaim abhors the idea of personal freedom, yet he accuses Israel , which is wholly false by the way, of preventing it from happening.  Nothing would bring peace quicker, and therefore supported completely by the State of Israel, than the adoption of a real democratic free government in the territories like other democratic governments and everyone in Israel knows it.

The problem is, as always the Palestinians cannot accept living alongside a sovereign Jewish state. However Avi shlaim thinks there is subterfuge on Israel’s part to prevent it.

You would have to read Shliam’s “Collusion across the Jordon” to understand the depths he will go to confuse the historical record. I won’t get into it here, but check it out if you are interested. It is remarkable.

About Hamas, he says, “Israel’s propaganda machine persistently purveyed the notion that the Palestinians are terrorists, that they reject coexistence with the Jewish state.” Oh and he calls Palestinians “normal people” with “normal aspirations.” The killing of Jews will never be “normal” I’m afraid. Professor Shlaim needs a reality check if he thinks their actions are “normal”

As far as “rejecting coexistence with the Jewish State,” I challenge the professor to show me one poll where that is the case. One, in the last 15 years, that’s all, just one which asks if they would accept a peace treaty with the Jews without the return of some eight million Palestinians from 1948 or whatever number they are using these days, and not having east  Jerusalem as a capital going back to the 1967 lines dividing the city.

Both of these are complete non starters for the State of Israel, and everyone knows it.  Even with  those questions posed, Palestinians are around 50% in favor of a peaceful end to the conflict, which is not very comforting. But, Shlaim and his pals in London or wherever he is living now, would love to take those odds and force Israel into a deal.

Shlaim also brings in that old tired axiom that since Israel is so much stronger than its enemy that it can afford some leeway. He writes, “As always, mighty Israel claims to be the victim of Palestinian aggression but the sheer asymmetry of power between the two sides leaves little room for doubt as to who is the real victim.”

That does not mean however, that it can allow the firing of rockets into its territory terrorizing Israelis several times per day and night,  forcing them into bomb shelters, stopping commerce, and making living in Israel more dangerous than it already is.  Israel is obliged when that happens to go in and destroy the means to do that.

Having massive superiority gives Israel and Palestine a better chance of survival, something that goes beyond Professor Shlaim’s sensibilities.

If the tables were more balance militarily as most leftists like Avi Shlaim advocate, we would be at war more of the time. Instead of 2000 dead in Gaza there would be hundreds of thousands dead on both sides. If you want to know what it’s like to have military parody with your enemy in the Middle East just look at Syria today.

I could go on but then this rebuttal would extend into next Wednesday.  Avi  Shlaim is a typical Marxist, who cannot understand  rugged individualism, personal freedom, and the right to live in peace as best you can even in this Machiavellian world that is the Middle East.

I just hope and pray that the Avi Shliam’s of the world never get what they want.

We are doomed if they do.

Photo at top courtesy of gettyimages.com. This is a police station. Also used as the featured image of Shlaim’s article, I am sure “The Guardian” chose it for it’s sympathetic pose.  They are all Hamas. They may have succeeded or at least tried to kill Jews. They deserved to be dead and dying. What is so striking about this photo is that they are all bad guys. You don’t see one little kid bleeding and dying at the result of Israel’s return fire. I don’t think “The Guardian” thought this through, do you?

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