November 2008

[[[[[[[[[[[[The following is my rebuttal to Rob Eshman’s attempt   at satire about Prop 8, but failed to disclaim that when he published in the Jewish Journal during the week of November 14-20th. Satire or not, this still validates my argument that we are spending far too much time on this issue at the expense of some very serious, complex problems in our world today. The sections with Italics are real world news that is going on during this time and yet we continue to languish on this issue. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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I always seem to come away from Rob Eshman’s  editorials asking more questions  than getting answers.  I guess I should be thankful that at least he isn’t a teacher in LAUSD. You would think with all the serious problems we have in this world, and moving ever closer to a collapse of Western civilization either through enemies seeking to destroy us or through our own devises financially, or maybe a combination of both, that even the hardest to convince would let the lesser issues go, but it is just not to be.

Somewhere in the world while you are reading these words someone is planning your demise. There is a malevolent entity scheming ,preparing, rubbing its hands together, waiting for the right moment to strike, just when we would be the most off guard.

It is quite possible, that Rob Eshman and his Left wing collaborators have provided that spark to light the fuse. (“It Can’t Happen Here,” November 14-20.) Gay marriage is a small insignificant issue. We are spending an inordinate amount of time discussing it. Gay people have already been given the same rights as heterosexual people through a series of passed laws that define their co habitation with one another, namely civil unions. But, Eshman as inane as it was, used his bully pulpit this week to strike fear into Jews saying that the passage of Prop 8 will bring on an Anti-Semitism never before experienced in our society.

Stratfor reported this week that Mexican drug cartels are now stockpiling  large caches of advanced weaponry and they are using them against us. The warning signs are clear. The open southern border policy of the United States continues to deteriorate and now the drug cartels seem to have the intention of taking over that border by force.

Eshman’s  convoluted logic draws some warped juxtaposed analogies. I couldn’t help thinking as I struggled to get through this embarrassing attempt at sounding an alarm that he was trying to compare and contrast the Right’s genuine  fear that legalized gay marriage will lead to the legalization of currently considered aberrant behaviors, like incest, or  NAMBLA. Eshman’s laughable contra-action, a movement in 2012 to make illegal, marriages between Jewish men and Jewish women.

This week Iran said it successfully tested a two-stage solid-fuel missile with a 1200 mile range, fully capable of hitting Tel Aviv. That is bad enough conventionally but how much longer until it can carry a nuclear payload?

Of course, he doesn’t name the source that’s giving this information. I wonder if Eshman or his staff that interviewed this nameless, faceless, unknown threat to the Jews he refers to only as “the organizer”, made a point of telling him that a ballot initiative preventing Jews from marrying other Jews is not necessary because Jews already are marrying outside their faith on their own at alarming numbers.

Israel just spent the week in bloody exchanges with the Gazans over…well… over nothing, probably just hatred of Jews and Israel.

Eshman instead reaches deep into the recesses of Jewish fears that the remnant of anti-Semitic Christian Europe will once again rise up to prevent Jews from practicing their religion by not allowing them to marry each other because “the organizer” believes  this violates his rights and forces him to honor the Jewish choice of marrying each other. What?

The real anti-Semitism in this country has already begun its drive to force Rahm Emanuel to step down from his job with the unfortunate comments made by his revisionist father in Israel this passed week. That didn’t take long.

Eshman claims that the Prop 8 support coalition “feels the wind at their backs” and the momentum is building to move on to get the Jews. That is utter nonsense. Yes on Prop 8 people are under attack and are in no position to go on any offensive, whether it’s the Eshman argument in this article or any other. They are too busy hunkering down to protect themselves  in the face of the most fascist inspired display of post election disregard for democracy that I ever seen in my lifetime in this country. I expect that kind of thing coming from the West Bank, not from West Hollywood. This is what we really should be fearing, not the passage of prop 8, but the totalitarianism of the elitist minority not to accept the will of the people. Rob Eshman and his allies on the Left should do the right thing and call off those dogs while there is still a chance to do so before somebody gets killed over it.

The election is over. It’s time to return to the business at hand, insuring the ushering in of the smooth transition of power of one administration for another. A foundational underpinning of the democracy we all cherish is where we should be focused at this moment. The next administration is going to have a full plate on January 21st and we all need to be ready for it. I really hope that Rob Eshman returns to that mindset next week. He can choose any of the topics I mentioned here or go to another one of his choice. There is no shortage of important issues to be dealt with in this dangerously changing world of ours.




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