81% of the Arab Muslim world supports Islamic State

In an al Jezeera poll, in Arabic,  asking whether or not Muslims support the Islamic State, an overwhelming 81% said yes, they do.  After 9-11 al Jezeera took another poll asking their support for Osama bin Ladin and the attacks on the United States. That poll was 50% approval rate. Several questions can be asked rhetorically about the ISIS poll .

Fifty per cent of the Arab Muslim world is uncomfortable enough but  thirty points more between then and now is very disturbing. What has happened between 9-11 and now that accounts for that boost in percentage?

38,000 people have taken part in the pollal Jezzeera claims that it has over 40 million viewers in the Arab world.”

Could it be that Arab Muslims are feeling the wind at their backs militarily for the first in maybe eight or nine hundred years thinking that they cannot be stopped? Could it be that they are seizing an opportunity to fulfill an age old idea of spreading Islam any way they can to the whole world?

Because it is now at 80% and climbing.  really puts some holes in the argument that groups like Islamic state are not Muslim. If almost all Muslims support it, where is Islam?

As bad as this is, it  is not the worst of the poll. “Its biggest viewership numbers come from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, along with a large amount of satellite television viewers in the United States, according to research estimates.” So, the third largest group that took part in this poll lives in the United States?  Are we to assume then it is a good bet that 80% of American Muslims support Jihad Daesh style with all of its blood thirsty activities?

If there are five million Muslims in the United States that would mean that four million of them support the Islamic state and what it is trying to do. This does not mean that there are four million actual fighters in America but it does call into question our broken immigration policy allowing in people who are a clear and present danger to the safety of Americans in their own homes.

It might not be coincidence that a Pew poll taken late last year, found that around almost the same number of Arab Muslims on average  78% support the implementation of Sharia law everywhere they live. That is very telling that both polls are so close to each other considering Islamic State utilizes the strictest forms of Sharia law in all of their conquered territory.

With only a three point difference between these two polls, support for the Islamic and support for Sharia, with the margin for error, statistically we have the same results for both polls.

Another interesting observation is that 10-15% of the world’s Muslims are Shia. Shia Muslims while supporting Sharia and their own brand of Jihad, they do not support the Islamic State. They are enemies with one another and probably account for much of the 19% opposition. Along with the few percentage points of Sunni Muslims who find the idea of both Sharia and the Islamic State abhorrent as much as Christians and Jews, it is not hard to see how we could get to 19% opposition. Given recent history Jihadist terrorism, flying planes into buildings, macheting people to death in synagogues and chopping peoples’ heads off because they are Christian, 81% support for the Daesh is a very scary thought.

It should be noted that al Jezeera is not a very reliable source. They have been suspected before of tainting results, exaggerating already explosive situations, and using non credible sources for their articles. They are more a mouthpiece for the Qatari government than an independent news agency. However, they are very popular in the Arab world. But, if that is the case which way are they contaminating this poll? Are they inflating the results to drive more young people to join the Jihad, or are they deflating in order to tamp down fears in the west of what is really happening in Islam so as not to invite eventual invasion of Arab lands?

It has also been pointed out to me that ISIS could be organizing a “yes” campaign, and al-Jezeera makes no attempt to stop that kind of contamination of the poll.

Regardless of al-Jezeera’s motives or competence, this proves there is something really dangerous brewing in the world, but western peoples aren’t paying attention to it.  Bolstered by Hollywood heavy weights like Ben Affleck, George Clooney, etc. , and a growing Muslim influence in Washington, nestled by Barack Obama, and the political correctness that is stifling action in Europe, people are lulled into thinking they aren’t in any danger. That is until they, or their loved ones actually experience an attack.

But, of course, by then it is too late.

Islamic State must be completely and utterly destroyed. After that is complete the rest of Jihad must be drawn out into  the open from within and without and killed off.

Since we can’t negotiate with this enemy, there is just simply no other answer if we are to remain free.

Addendum: This poll isn’t over. one half day after I published my story, the percentage of Muslims supporting the Islamic State had risen almost another .5%. So, as bad as this is, it could be getting worse.

Photo at top courtesy of brietbart.com

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