April 2011

Arnold Scwarzenegger , the former governor of California, feels very uncomfortable when he looks in the mirror these days.

Schwarzenegger recently revealed to Newsweek magazine that he really can’t stand getting old. Picture that. The once seven time Mr. Universe winner and the star of Conan the Barbarian is looking in the mirror seeing an aging overweight, wrinkled old man and getting older.

Boy, that’s a Dorian Gray moment if there ever was one.

Besides his fall from grace physically the former Hollywood tough guy cannot escape the dishonesty, the lack of integrity, and the sheer cowardess of his years as governor of California.

Just the other day, CBS news reported in Los Angeles, Dave Brian cornered the former governor outside one of those empty phony award ceremonies that are set up by the governor’s public relations people and asked why he commuted Esteban Nunez’s murder sentence in the last few hours before he left office last January.  Nunez just happens to be the son of Fabian Nunez, perennial California politician, an authentic California king maker,  who is one of the many in Sacramento to force Schwarzenegger into a “girly man” position during his reign.

The former body builder turned actor, turned politician remained defiant for reducing a murderer’s   sentence at the behest of the murderer’s powerful father. He told Bryan he was bored with his incessant questioning and rudely made snoring sounds when the reporter asked again.

This is the same governor who came into office to reduce the state spending and increased it more than the democrat he replaced because those big bad union nurses scared him into it. Remember that? After going down to defeat on several measures he backed, in an interim election he did an about face on California politics and took up with those that want to spend California into oblivion.

Now with that Nunez thing, he’s not only a bad governor but a despicable human being.

With a $26 billion dollar deficits,  California is one of the most trouble states in the nation. Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger the problem curing the deficit will hurt every citizen in this state. He has indeed terminated us. Why can’t he terminate a scumbag like Esteban Nunez?