A new report from Amnesty International (AI) condemns the Obama administration for civilian deaths with the drone program.

The report cites “29 civilians having been killed in 45 drone attacks between January 2012 and August 2013.”

The report also notes that all of the “publically known attacks” have been in North Waziristan, the Taliban stronghold in the Pakistani mountains. The author of the report, Mustafa Qadri says, “The tragedy is that drone aircraft deployed by the USA over Pakistan now instill the same kind of fear in the people of the tribal areas that was once associated only with Al Qaeda and the Taliban.”

Well, here is a solution Mr. Qadri. If Pakistan would clean up its own backyard and take care of  this malignancy on its own maybe those people won’t be scared of U.S. drones. Of  course, Pakistan being the “ally from hell” 

If one considers the amount of collateral damage in the past from measures taken to kill the enemy in war 29 innocents in 45 drone strikes is a very acceptable number. If you wanted to go back to World War II, the bombings of Dresden and Tokyo killed thousands. America with its technology has lowered that amount statistically to less than one per strike.

Quite a difference

I don’t think Mr. Qadri  has all that much to complain about, do you? In fact AI should be praising the U.S. for its meticulousness in reducing civilian casualties. And, all of this against an enemy who regard  innocent civilians not as collateral damage but as legitimate targets in their Jihad.

You can make the case that one innocent death is one too many but then you would have to  be against war in general. It is virtually impossible to fight a war without some collateral damage.  Of course, then if you advocate getting out of this war how do you stop Jihadi principles of killing the infidel, us. For those of you who take that stand I leave it to you to figure that one out.

President Obama’s policy of drone strikes to save both American and civilian lives is a good one. The president has my complete support. But, that doesn’t stop him from putting his foot in his mouth again as he has in Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc. saying “There must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.” Qadri, the good propagandist that he is, used it against him in the AI report.

I think this qualifies as an oh brother moment.

All quotes in this article are from the Yahoo news article citing the report.

You can read that article and find the original report here


photo at top courtesy of www.pakistantoday.com.pk

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